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DWA Auction catalog 24  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1281Homan Oil Co.18.03.1865100,00unsold
1282Home Insurance Co.06.04.193716,00unsold
1283Hudson & Manhattan Railroad11.04.192438,0038,00
1284Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad01.01.190738,00unsold
1285Indian Ridge Coal & Coke Co.15.05.189460,00unsold
1286Indiana Coal and Railway Co.02.04.188190,0090,00
1287Indiana, Illinois & Iowa Railroad27.11.190175,00unsold
1288International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Internationale Bank für Wiederaufbau und Entwicklung) (2 Stücke)30,0030,00
1289International Business Machines Corp.08.01.198520,00unsold
1290Iowa Central & Western Railway04.02.190380,00unsold
1291Ivanhoe Mining Co.06.07.188365,0070,00
1292Jacksonville, Alton & St. Louis Railroad10.09.1857360,00unsold
1293Jacksonville, Tampa & Key-West Railway15.05.1890120,00150,00
1294Kanawha & Michigan Railway09.05.191144,00unsold
1295Kanawha & West Virginia Railroad14.07.191450,00unsold
1296Kittanning & Leechburg Railways02.01.1931120,00unsold
1297Knox & Lincoln Railroad25.11.187875,00unsold
1298La Crosse & Milwaukee Rail Road01.02.1856400,00unsold
1299Lackawanna Railroad Co. of New Jersey20.12.191148,00unsold
1300Lake Superior & Mississippi Rail Road29.01.1863800,001.200,00
1301Laurel Fork & Sand Hill Railroad20.01.1876150,00150,00
1302Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.08.10.2008300,00unsold
1303Li‘l Darlin‘s of the West Bordellos, Inc.01.01.198840,0040,00
1304Lincoln National Bank of Bath19.03.186660,00unsold
1305Lykens Valley Rail Road & Coal Co.03.11.190565,00unsold
1306Madeira-Mamoré Railway Co.01.10.1910100,00unsold
1307Manhattan Shipping Company26.12.1882120,00120,00
1308Manufacturers National Bank of Lynn, Mass.01.01.189250,00unsold
1309Manufacturers & Traders Bank12.01.1858150,00unsold
1310Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Railway19.05.191250,00unsold
1311McSherrystown and Hanover Turnpike Co.18.11.1882100,00unsold
1312Memphis & Charleston Railroad18.07.189248,0048,00
1313Memphis Street Railway02.04.193530,00unsold
1314Michigan Central Railroad01.09.185450,00unsold
1315Mill Creek and Mine Hill Navigation and Railroad Co.23.07.193060,0060,00
1316Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway17.04.1934100,00unsold
1317Mississippi Central Railroad08.12.1866240,00240,00
1318Missoula & Bitter Root Valley Railroad29.11.188975,0075,00
1319Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway01.01.187050,0050,00
1320Missouri Pacific Railroad03.09.193728,00unsold
1321Mobile & Birmingham Railroad20.12.189940,0042,00
1322Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad10.07.190365,0065,00 n
1323Morris Canal & Banking Co. of 184422.05.1868100,00unsold
1324Mount Auburn Cemetery Co.20.10.188650,00unsold
1325Mount Hood Railroad01.01.190765,00unsold
1326Nashville, Tellico & Charleston Railway Co.01.02.189365,00unsold
1327National Automatic Fire Alarm Co. of Louisiana21.11.189275,00unsold
1328National Bank of Catasauqua17.01.189930,00unsold
1329National Bank of the Northern Liberties05.01.1865120,00unsold
1330National City Bank of New York27.09.192955,00unsold
1331National Marine Bank of Baltimore10.02.188050,00unsold
1332National State Capital Bank31.03.1894100,00unsold
1333New Albany Railway02.01.189360,0065,00
1334New Jersey Junction Railroad26.02.188675,00unsold
1335New Jersey & New York Extension Railroad19.05.189690,00unsold
1336New Jersey & New York Railroad13.02.188936,00unsold
1337New Jersey & New York Railroad31.12.189260,00unsold
1338New Jersey Southern Railroad14.08.1875180,00180,00
1339New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Vicksburg Railroad16.09.1872300,00unsold
1340New Orleans Great Northern Railway01.07.193330,00unsold
1341New Orleans & North Eastern Railroad12.12.191250,0050,00
1342New Orleans Railway and Light Co.01.11.190930,0030,00 n
1343New Paltz & Highland Electric Railroad01.04.1893100,00unsold
1344New River, Holston & Western Railroad23.05.1903100,00unsold
1345New York Cable Railway15.08.188490,00unsold
1346New York Central & Hudson River Railroad01.01.191212,0018,00
1347New York Central Railroad01.08.185360,0060,00 n
1348New York Central Sleeping Car Co.11.04.188338,0040,00
1349New York Connecting Railroad01.10.194516,0017,00
1350New York & Harlem Railroad20.04.185090,00unsold
1351New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line Inc.02.06.1931140,00150,00
1352New York Underground Railway01.01.1890100,00unsold
1353Norfolk & Western Railway11.12.191928,0028,00
1354North & West Branch Railway19.02.189460,00unsold
1355Northern Central Railway24.04.1890100,00unsold
1356Northern Pacific Railroad17.11.188520,0022,00
1357Northfield National Bank01.02.1869180,00unsold
1358Northwest Airlines Corp.18.02.200065,00unsold
1359Northwest Equipment Co. of Minnesota27.05.189046,0046,00 n
1360Oil City & Ridgeway Railway & Mining Co.27.03.188185,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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