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LIVE bidding  

Every year 4 Live Auctions will be held in cooperation with our online partner Invaluable (formerly known as Artfact). The admission of bidders, the auction itself, billing, shipment and responding to any of your questions will be done by us.

Technical requirements:
Please make sure that Java is installed on your computer. Where necessary you can download Java for free here:

Advanced information:
Before participating we recommend to have a look on any Invaluable auction. Visit the website and click on “Watch now” button, which points out that this auction is currently running. This does not oblige you to anything but helps to get a “feeling”.

Create an Invaluable user account once for our live auctions:

  1. Click on the globe button “Live Online Bidding” in the main menu on the left side.
  2. Note that by moving your mouse over the flag you can change the language if necessary.
  3. Click on „REGISTER TO BID“
  4. Behind the words “Don’t have a Bidder Name yet?” click on “Sign up here”
  5. Please fill in the registration form and click on the “Continue” button
  6. Check you data, read the terms and conditions, agree to them by ticking the small box and click on the “Submit” button.
  7. Note down your bidder name and your password for your next logins.
  8. Shortly afterward you receive an email with your Approval to bid confirmation.

Live bidding during the auction:

  1. Click on the globe button “Live Online Bidding” in the main menu on the left side.
  2. Click on „Sign In“ or „REGISTER TO BID“ to register for the current auction.
  3. Fill in your bidder name and your password and click on the button “Sign In”. On the window which now opens you see our current auction.
  4. A short time before and during the auction a green hammer appears with the link “Bid now”. Please click on it.
  5. You have now opened the bidder console. In the field on the left side you see an information box. There you can follow the progress of the auction. Wait until the lot is called on which you want to bid (information: “open for bidding”).
  6. On the big green “BID NOW” button above you see the amount of your bid when you click on this green button. Your click means a binding bid.
  7. In the information box you can see if you are the successful bidder on lot or if you mabe need to increase your bid.
  8. Bid this way on further lots where applicable.

General information:
LIVE BIDDERS OR ABSENTEE BIDDERS, who places their bids on Invaluable auction portal, will be charged additionally with Invaluable 5% live bidding fee (plus 19% VAT). There are no changes in the auction costs for absentee bidders, who place their bids on our own auction portal on or by fax or email.



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Mount Carbon & Port Carbon Railroad
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