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DWA Auction catalog 39  

The after sale period of the auction has started.
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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1202AB Scania-Vabis01.12.191650,0050,00 n
1203AB Scania-Vabis15.12.191750,0050,00 n
1205Albert Döpfner Eigentümer des Grand Hotel ci-devant (vormals) Beau-Rivage12.11.1904100,00unsold
1206Ballenberg-Dampfbahn AG20.12.198425,0025,00
1207Bank für Orientalische Eisenbahnen24.07.1894150,00unsold
1208Soc. Nouvelle des Automobiles Martini S.A.16.12.191180,00unsold
1209Société des Zincs et Plombs Argentifères de Styrie S.A.10.05.190325,00unsold
1210La Hispano Suiza Fabrica de Automóviles S.A.12.09.194085,0085,00 n
1211La Hispano Suiza Fabrica de Automóviles S.A.12.09.194085,0085,00 n
1212“Prudentia” Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG15.06.193220,0030,00
1213Ringhoffer-Werke AG04.05.191150,0055,00
1214Salami- und Nahrungsmittel-Fabrik01.01.193120,0030,00
1215Slavische Versicherungs-Anstalt AG (Slovanská Pojistovna Akc. Spol.)30.06.192360,00unsold
1216Zuckerfabriks-AG in Sadska20.05.188850,00unsold
1217Betriebs-Gesellschaft der Orientalischen Eisenbahnen01.01.190650,00unsold
1218Alaska Gold Mining Co.22.07.190240,0040,00
1219Atlanta & West Point Railroad17.07.190850,00unsold
1220Bank of Kentucky16.12.184750,0050,00
1221Belleville & Southern Illinois Railroad22.12.187045,00unsold
1222Boston & Providence Railroad26.07.194520,00unsold
1223Buffalo, Corning & New York Railroad30.08.1854250,00380,00
1224Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co. in Nebraska24.12.1878100,00unsold
1225Caldwell & Northern Railroad08.04.1904120,00unsold
1226Canton & East Liverpool Railroad13.12.190590,00160,00
1227Carolina Central Railroad01.02.1881100,00unsold
1228Casino Airlink, Inc.19.04.199950,00unsold
1229Chicago, Fort Madison & Des Moines Railroad22.03.189965,00unsold
1230Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburgh Railroad Co19.07.188325,0025,00
1231Chicago, Wilmington and Vermillion Coal Co.17.11.1911120,00unsold
1232Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad09.11.190020,00unsold
1233Christopher & Tenth Street Railroad24.11.190550,00unsold
1234Citizens National Bank of Washington City29.09.190425,0025,00
1235City of Madison01.11.191060,00unsold
1236Cleveland, Painsville & Ashtabula Railroad01.10.185260,00unsold
1237Colorado Powder Co.20.06.188285,00unsold
1238Concord & Claremont Railroad25.08.184980,0095,00
1239Concord & Montreal Railroad01.05.189360,0060,00
1240Concord & Portsmouth Railroad07.12.192850,0055,00
1241Corona Typewriter Co.08.05.192220,0020,00
1242Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railway01.05.191260,0065,00
1243East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway01.08.1886100,00110,00
1244Emmner Union Telephone Co.10.10.1889100,00100,00 v
1245Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.10.03.199830,00unsold
1246First National Bank of Danvers09.05.189560,0060,00
1247Food Fair Stores, Inc.28.09.19655,00unsold
1248Fort Wayne Rink Association01.01.187350,00unsold
1249German Evangelical Lutheran St. Petri Church Congregation11.09.190590,0090,00
1250Highland Valley Power Co.01.01.190945,00unsold
1251Indiana Coal & Railway02.04.188160,0075,00
1252Industrial Exhibition Co. of New York20.06.187420,00unsold
1253International Railways of Central America03.03.194430,00unsold
1254Kansas City & Pacific Railroad20.08.1887350,00420,00
1255Lincoln Motor Co.05.03.192060,00unsold
1256Maine Central Railroad02.07.191845,00unsold
1257Manufacturers National Bank of Lynn, Mass.01.01.189250,00unsold
1258Marietta & Pittsburgh Railroad19.11.1872100,00100,00
1259Maritime Canal Co. of Nicaragua10.06.1889300,00unsold
1260Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway16.10.1911100,00unsold
1261Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway05.03.190930,0030,00
1262Mobile Light & Railroad Co.25.05.190645,00unsold
1263Nash Motors Co.50,00unsold
1264National Bank of Catasauqua17.01.189930,00unsold
1265Norfolk & Western Railway15.06.190930,00unsold
1266North American Aviation Inc.31.07.193350,0065,00
1267North & South Carolina Railroad28.10.191880,00unsold
1268North & West Branch Railway19.02.189440,00unsold
1269Odd-Fellows’ Hall Association of the City of Stockton17.03.1870100,00unsold
1270Oil Creek & Allegheny River Railway10.05.187530,0030,00
1271Old Colony Railroad09.07.188350,0050,00
1272Pacific American Fisheries24.05.194050,00unsold
1273Pan Motor Co.02.10.191980,00unsold
1274Pecos & Northern Texas Railway26.11.190775,0075,00
1275Pennsylvania Railroad11.01.189980,0085,00
1276Peterborough Railroad15.02.1873100,00120,00
1277Portland Railroad14.02.191650,0050,00
1278Pueblo & Arkansas Valley Railroad01.11.1875130,00140,00
1279Pullman Automatic Ventilator Co.03.02.190250,0060,00
1280Red Mountain Railroad, Mining & Smelting Co.20.04.1904120,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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