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DWA Auction catalog 26  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1361Confederate States of America, Cr. 007 (R6) - Ball 6 (R4-)01.05.186160,00unsold
1362Confederate States of America, Cr. 097 (R5) - Ball 115 (R4+)15.01.186340,00unsold
1363Confederate States of America, Cr. 154 (R2) - Ball 366 (R3)09.03.186540,00unsold
1364Connecticut National Bank of Bridgeport13.04.190160,00unsold
1365Consolidated Midway Chief Oil Co.08.04.191544,00unsold
1366Crawfordsville, Frankfort, Kokomo & Fort Wayne Railroad09.07.1855160,00unsold
1367Dakota Central Telephone Co.01.04.192780,00unsold
1368Davenport & Rock Island Bridge, Railway and Terminal Co.23.11.189748,0048,00 n
1369Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee Railroad04.02.194930,0030,00
1370Durant Motors, Inc.11.08.192540,00unsold
1371Durham Union Station Co.16.11.190750,0060,00
1372Edgerton Electric Motor Co.26.04.188760,00unsold
1373Edison Portland Cement Co.20.10.189950,0050,00
1374Elmira & Williamsport Railroad01.05.186340,0044,00
1375Farmers & Mechanics National Bank of Georgetown29.01.189450,00unsold
1376First National Bank of Birdsboro20.06.1889100,00100,00
1377First National Bank of Newburyport01.04.1864150,00unsold
1378Flint & Pere Marquette Railway04.09.186846,0046,00
1379Francisco Sugar Co.01.01.195010,0010,00
1380Galena & Wisconsin Railroad23.09.187950,00unsold
1381Georgia Midland Terminal Co.19.03.191280,0080,00
1382Glens Falls Railroad01.07.1869120,00unsold
1383Goldenrod Oil Co.24.05.192734,00unsold
1384Government Oil and Mining Co.24.02.186550,00unsold
1385Grand Casinos, Inc.13.08.199830,00unsold
1386Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad25.05.188260,0060,00
1387Greenbrier & Eastern Railroad01.03.192450,00unsold
1388Greyhound Corp.01.01.197618,00unsold
1389Hackettstown National Bank18.04.190140,00unsold
1390Hankey Baking Co.21.12.193140,00unsold
1391Illinois Southern Railroad01.02.1859300,00unsold
1392Interstate Railroad27.10.191640,0040,00
1393Iowa Telephone Co.24.07.189980,00unsold
1394Jackson Valley Telephone Co.07.01.190750,00unsold
1395Jamestown & Northern Railroad05.10.188275,00unsold
1396Kansas City Convention Hall Building Co.01.12.189860,00unsold
1397Kansas City & Pacific Railroad20.08.1887180,00unsold
1398Kentucky Fuel Co.26.02.1890120,00unsold
1399Keokuk, Iowa City and Minnesota Railroad01.05.1872300,00380,00
1400Laurens Railroad22.12.1859180,00unsold
1401Lion Country Safari, Inc.30.03.198150,00unsold
1402Manufacturers National Bank of Newark15.03.189526,0026,00
1403Mazeppa Gold Mining Co.14.05.190075,0075,00
1404McRae & Cherry Run Oil Co.11.01.1865180,00unsold
1405Memphis Street Railway06.04.194530,0030,00
1406Merced Gold Mining Co. of Montana09.07.1895150,00unsold
1407Merchants National Bank of Newark, N.J.18.07.188150,00unsold
1408Meyers Creek Gold Mining Co.24.08.189940,0044,00
1409Middlesborough Mineral Railway19.12.190080,0090,00
1410Mobile Light & Railroad Co.25.05.190650,0050,00
1411Montgomery & Erie Railway03.01.187040,0050,00
1412Mount Carbon & Port Carbon Railroad20.07.193240,00unsold
1413Nashua & Lowell Railroad30.03.190034,00unsold
1414National Bank of the Republic05.05.189190,0090,00
1415National Boat and Engine Co.01.12.1910200,00unsold
1416National Consolidated Oil Co.02.04.190238,00unsold
1417New Bassick Mining Co.07.07.1893180,00unsold
1418New Jersey & New York Railroad31.12.1892100,00120,00
1419New York & Coney Island Railroad08.03.1921140,00140,00 n
1420New York & Harlem Railroad06.06.190030,0030,00
1421New York, Providence & Boston Railroad27.06.1838110,00110,00
1422No-Wood River Oil Co.07.03.188980,00unsold
1423Norfolk & Petersburg Railroad08.02.1872120,00120,00
1424Norman Oil Corp.01.01.192140,0040,00
1425North Carolina Midland Railroad31.10.189760,00unsold
1426North Central Airlines, Inc. (Republic Airlines)14.09.197924,00unsold
1427Ohio & Mississippi Railway19.08.189334,0040,00
1428Old Colony Railroad01.01.187720,00unsold
1429Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway13.09.190530,0030,00
1430Otisco Lake Navigation Co.10.05.190790,00unsold
1431Overland and Marine Telegraph Co.02.02.190444,00unsold
1432Pamlico, Oriental & Western Railroad30.09.190480,00100,00
1433Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway02.08.188130,00unsold
1434Peoria & Pekin Terminal Railway01.01.190034,0034,00
1435Perry Oil Co.19.04.1864180,00unsold
1436Philadelphia Aero-Service Corp.06.06.192050,00unsold
1437Philadelphia & Oil Creek Oil Co.31.03.186495,00unsold
1438Planet Hollywood International Inc., Version II24.10.199755,0060,00
1439Playboy Enterprises, Inc.01.01.197050,0065,00
1440Pullman Company30.04.191038,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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