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DWA Auction catalog 26  

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1281Aktienbrauerei und Mälzerei in Podebrad (Akciového Pivovaru a Sladovny v Podebradech)18.12.191360,0065,00 v
1282Prager Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft31.10.192734,00unsold
1283Société Vinicole, Vereinigte Weinunternehmungen AG23.10.192340,0048,00
1284Strumpf- und Wirkwarenfabriken Teplitz-Chemnitz-Vigognespinnerei Auperschin Wolf Blumberg Söhne AG01.05.192028,0028,00
1285Südmährische Bergwerks AG01.05.192518,0020,00
1286Cie. du Chemin de Fer Ottoman Jonction Salonique-Constantinople S.A.23.03.189326,00unsold
1287Gouvernement Impérial Ottoman (Kaiserlich Ottomanische Regierung)24.10.1890120,00120,00
1288Tramways & Électricité de Constantinople S.A.27.04.192116,0016,00
1289Kingdom of Hungary - Loan of 192402.07.192450,00unsold
1290Magyar Gazdak Vasarcsarnok Ellato Szövetkezete01.09.190490,00unsold
1291Nova Verkehrs- und Industrie AG29.04.192660,00unsold
1292S.A. de Tramways d'Éclairage & d'Entreprises Électriques en Hongrie31.01.189924,0024,00 n
129313th & 15th Streets Passenger Railway24.02.193740,00unsold
1294Adventure Consolidated Copper Co.08.02.189950,00unsold
1295Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co.22.07.1890120,00150,00
1296America National Bank of Chicago11.02.189848,00unsold
1297American Bank Note Co.19.07.194320,00unsold
1298American Canadian Air Lines Inc.01.01.192060,00unsold
1299American Legal Association03.05.1857180,00unsold
1300American Salvage Co.16.04.1917180,00unsold
1301Anglo-American Oil Co. of Beaumont25.09.190255,00unsold
1302Anheuser-Busch, Inc.02.11.197920,0032,00 v
1303Antifriction Car Truck20.02.188365,00unsold
1304Argentum-Juniata Mining Co.08.05.1897100,00unsold
1305Arkansas Southern Railroad19.01.190048,00unsold
1306Asheville & Craggy Mountain Railway29.06.190680,00unsold
1307Aspen and Maroon Railway50,00unsold
1308Astoria & Columbia River Railroad25.09.1895150,00unsold
1309Atlanta & West Point Railroad17.07.190850,0050,00
1310Atlantic Coast Line Railroad09.06.190580,00unsold
1311Atlantic & Pacific Railroad15.11.1853360,00unsold
1312Aviation Corp.16.07.194528,0028,00
1313Baltimore & Eastern Shore Railroad08.03.1892100,00unsold
1314Baltimore & Ohio Railroad21.03.185360,0090,00
1315Bank of America17.05.188450,00unsold
1316Bank of State Center10.12.190940,00unsold
1317Bank of Virginia17.12.1844240,00unsold
1318Bear Valley Irrigation Co.12.05.189250,0050,00
1319Belle Bank12.08.1918100,00unsold
1320Belleville & Southern Illinois Railroad22.12.187050,0050,00
1321Bertha & Edith Gold Mining Co.12.09.187850,00unsold
1322Big Sandy & Kentucky River Railway16.05.191960,00unsold
1323Birmingham Terminal Co.11.01.191860,0065,00
1324Bloomsburg & Sullivan Railroad24.06.189870,0070,00 n
1325Booth Fisheries Co.31.05.1922150,00unsold
1326Boston & Albany Railroad09.07.193040,00unsold
1327Brunswick Oyster Co.10.05.1892200,00unsold
1328Bucks County Trust Co.01.04.188685,00unsold
1329Burlington & Bristol Steamboat Ferry Co.01.07.1893180,00unsold
1330Burning Spring Oil Co.02.11.1864150,00150,00
1331Cadillac Automobile Co. of Boston24.12.194060,00unsold
1332California Eastern Railway20.01.1896130,00unsold
1333Canal & Lake Steamboat Co.30.04.189660,00unsold
1334Canton, Aberdeen & Nashville Railroad01.12.188450,0050,00
1335Canton & East Liverpool Railway28.10.192538,00unsold
1336Carolina & Northwestern Railway15.07.1897100,00100,00
1337Castle Valley Railroad10.10.1912120,00unsold
1338Catskill and Albany Steam Boat Co.01.01.186375,0090,00
1339Cayadutta Electric Railroad18.04.189360,00unsold
1340Central National Bank of Lynn13.04.193848,00unsold
1341Central Railroad and Banking Co. of Georgia02.05.1887100,00unsold
1342Chattanooga Station Co.24.04.1912100,00100,00
1343Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Co.27.06.186770,00unsold
1344Chicago, Fort Madison & Des Moines Railroad22.03.189965,0075,00
1345Chicago & Great Eastern Railway01.10.186740,0040,00
1346Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad01.08.190250,00unsold
1347Chicago & South Eastern Railway Co.01.06.189430,00unsold
1348Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad13.02.192928,0030,00
1349Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway25.06.188344,00unsold
1350Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western Railroad16.02.191724,00unsold
1351Cincinnati, La Fayette & Chicago Railroad25.02.187675,00unsold
1352Citizens Bank of Banks, Arkansas20.01.190838,00unsold
1353Citizens National Bank of Shenandoah04.01.191175,00unsold
1354Citizens National Bank of Washington City29.09.190460,00unsold
1355Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway01.01.189026,00unsold
1356Coal River Railway01.06.190524,0024,00
1357Colt's Manufacturing Co.22.09.195432,0032,00
1358Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central Railway30.01.186930,0030,00
1359Columbus Piqua & Indiana Railroad22.05.186240,00unsold
1360Confederate States of America, Cr. 005 (R6) - Ball 2 (R4)01.05.186144,0044,00
All prices are in Euro

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