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DWA Auction catalog 28  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1281New York Central & Hudson River Railroad04.02.189828,0028,00
1282New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad21.07.1884240,00unsold
1283Niagara Mining and Smelting Co.18.09.189050,00unsold
1284Norfolk & Western Railway25.04.191228,0028,00
1285North American Aviation Inc.31.07.193350,00unsold
1286North American Coal Co.31.03.1855150,00unsold
1287North & South Carolina Railroad28.10.191890,00unsold
1288Northern Railroad Co. of New Jersey06.11.189928,0028,00
1289Norwich & Worcester Railroad01.03.187750,00unsold
1290Norwich & Worcester Railroad01.03.189748,0050,00
1291Oil Creek & Allegheny River Railway10.05.187530,00unsold
1292Old Colony Steamboat Co.12.12.189375,0075,00
1293Omaha Bridge & Terminal Railway07.11.191860,00unsold
1294Orion Silver Mining05.03.188075,00unsold
1295Pathe Freres Phonograph Co.03.06.192024,00unsold
1296Peerless Motor Car Corp.13.03.192926,00unsold
1297Pennsylvania Canal Company01.07.187080,00unsold
1298Penton Publishing Co.01.03.191618,00unsold
1299Peoples’ Mutual Telephone Co.01.07.189875,0075,00
1300PepsiCo Inc.13.01.198460,0060,00
1301Petroleum and Trading Corp.01.01.192926,0026,00
1302Philadelphia & Gulf Steamship Co.25.07.1910110,00unsold
1303Philadelphia Traction Co.03.04.189928,0028,00
1304Planters Bank of Tennessee20.01.1873120,00unsold
1305Pullman Southern Car Co.15.07.1876150,00unsold
1306Richter Electric Light Co.02.02.188440,00unsold
1307Rock Island, Peoria & St. Louis Railway01.01.189150,0050,00
1308Salem & Pennsgrove Traction Co.01.12.191575,00unsold
1309Salem Railroad20.12.188138,00unsold
1310San Francisco Land Association16.10.1878130,00unsold
1311San Juan Pacific Railway01.01.190860,0060,00
1312Sealshipt Oyster System06.12.1912180,00unsold
1313Shields River Valley Railway01.01.190824,0026,00
1314Slate Belt Electric Street Railway02.01.191238,00unsold
1315South Carolina & Georgia Railroad03.10.189460,0060,00
1316Southern Railway Co. of Indiana28.12.1900100,00unsold
1317Speedway Park Association10.03.1915280,00unsold
1318Spokane International Railway29.10.190940,00unsold
1319Spokane & Palouse Railway10.03.188675,0082,00
1320St. Cloud, Grantsburg & Ashland Railroad29.12.187980,0080,00
1321St. Joseph, St. Louis & Santa Fe Railway01.02.188865,0065,00
1322St. Louis, Lawrence & Denver Railroad01.05.1871100,00unsold
1323State of Louisiana, Cr. 92 G (R4)01.07.189220,00unsold
1324Statesville & Western Railroad10.10.1887120,00120,00
1325Story Centre Oil Co.06.09.1864125,00unsold
1326Susquehanna Iron and Steel Co.19.06.190328,0032,00
1327Tabard Inn Corp.01.07.190440,00unsold
1328Toledo, Delphos & Burlington Railroad (Southeastern Division)16.05.188165,00unsold
1329Toledo, Fremont & Norwalk Railroad02.01.190028,0028,00
1330Union Banking Co.01.11.187380,00unsold
1331Union Canal Co. of Pennsylvania01.11.185375,00unsold
1332Union Coal Co.28.11.186550,0050,00
1333Union National Bank01.01.187340,00unsold
1334United States Automotive Corp.11.03.1921120,00unsold
1335United States Motor Co.07.10.191150,00unsold
1336United States Tunnel, Mining, Milling, Drainage and Transportation Co.01.04.189928,00unsold
1337Vandalia Railroad24.01.190538,0042,00
1338Victor Pagé Motors Corp.25.04.1923180,00unsold
1339Virginia & Southwestern Railway01.12.190260,0065,00
1340Vixen Alluvial Gold Mining Co.07.03.189638,00unsold
1341Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway10.05.190460,0060,00
1342Washington Central Railway01.06.189828,00unsold
1343Washington Central Railway01.08.189875,00unsold
1344Washington & Old Dominion Railway28.09.191175,00unsold
1345Waterbury Automatic Telephone Co.24.03.190430,00unsold
1346West Virginia Coal, Iron and Lumber Co.10.05.189040,00unsold
1347Western Maryland Railroad24.09.1858100,00unsold
1348Western Maryland Railroad25.08.1868100,00unsold
1349Western Pennsylvania Railroad Co.20.02.188440,00unsold
1350Western Vermont Railroad10.02.1854220,00unsold
1351White Motor Corp.21.08.197940,00unsold
1352Wildwood & Delaware Bay Short Line Railroad06.01.191375,00unsold
1353Williams Coal Co. of Kanawha01.01.188130,00unsold
1354Young Maennerchor01.04.188560,0060,00
1355100 Jahre Schweizerische Volksbank (1869 - 1969)18,0020,00
135675 Jahre Mix & Genest 1879 - 195424,0024,00
1357Abrechnung mit Hitler - Hjalmar Schacht28,0031,00
1358Berliner Grosskaufleute und Kapitalisten - Band 130,00unsold
1359Der Eisenbahnkönig Bethel Henry Strousberg - eine preußische Gründerkarriere10,0012,00
1360Der Held16,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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