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DWA Auction catalog 28  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1201Broad Top Improvement Co.25.11.186190,00unsold
1202Brown Wire Gun Co.31.03.1904180,00unsold
1203Buffalo, Bradford & Pittsburgh Railroad10.01.1879120,00unsold
1204Bullet Proof and Non-Shatterable Glass Corp.13.09.192240,00unsold
1205Bullion King Silver Mining Co.18.04.188160,0065,00
1206California Street Cable Railroad21.11.188550,00unsold
1207Cedar Lodge No. 211, Independent Order of Odd Fellows29.12.189760,0060,00
1208Chattanooga Traction Co.28.10.191165,0070,00
1209Chesapeake & Western Railroad30.03.189680,0080,00
1210Chestnut Hill Railroad29.12.190355,0055,00 n
1211Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad18.10.189920,0022,00
1212Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad (Consolidated Stock)10.09.199185,00unsold
1213Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway06.08.188838,0044,00
1214Citizens Bank of Michigan City, Indiana01.01.188860,00unsold
1215City Bank of Schenectady15.06.187440,00unsold
1216Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway15.05.189318,0022,00
1217Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway29.12.193438,0038,00 n
1218Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway01.05.186960,00unsold
1219Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad19.01.1876120,00unsold
1220Colorado Powder Co.20.06.1882100,00unsold
1221Colorado Prince Gold Mining Co.15.05.1880180,00unsold
1222Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway01.10.1902120,00unsold
1223Confederate States of America, Cr. 078 (R7) - Ball 38 (R5)27.02.186250,0050,00
1224Confederate States of America, Cr. 117 (R10) - Ball 157 (R5+)01.06.1863200,00200,00
1225Cresson & Clearfield County & New York Short Route Railroad03.07.188850,00unsold
1226Crossett, Monticello & Northern Railway01.05.191260,00unsold
1227Cuban Land and Steamship Co.18.11.1901180,00unsold
1228Cuyuna Northern Railway01.01.191020,0022,00
1229Detroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad03.06.1887260,00280,00
1230El Capitan Land and Cattle Co.01.07.188550,00unsold
1231Elsinore, Pomona & Los Angeles Railway07.11.189875,0080,00 v
1232EXXON Corp.04.10.197830,0042,00
1233Farmers & Exchange Bank03.09.1859180,00unsold
1234First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn18.11.186580,00unsold
1235Flint Motor Co.05.09.192360,00unsold
1236Fort Wayne Rink Association01.01.187360,00unsold
1237General Motors Corp.17.04.197510,00unsold
1238General Motors Corp.17.04.197510,00unsold
1239Geo. E. Keith Co.11.11.192128,00unsold
1240Georgia Northern Railway17.12.191736,0036,00
1241Georgia Railroad & Banking Co.24.04.1849140,00140,00
1242Georgia Southern & Florida Railway23.04.194550,0050,00
1243German Publication Society29.12.191470,00unsold
1244Germantown Passenger Railway15.12.189148,0055,00
1245Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad02.10.185790,00unsold
1246Great Lakes Aircraft Corp.18.04.1934200,00unsold
1247Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Co.16.07.1889100,00100,00
1248Helena & Jefferson County Railroad29.02.189690,00unsold
1249Helena & Red Mountain Railroad13.05.189170,00unsold
1250Holston Valley Railway12.03.1896100,00unsold
1251Home Electric18.04.192730,0030,00
1252Illinois Central Railroad16.08.185224,0024,00 n
1253Importers and Traders Insurance Co.25.11.1856200,00unsold
1254Isabella Gold Mining Co.11.12.189934,0036,00
1255Kansas Waterworks & Irrigation Co.08.04.188938,00unsold
1256Lebanon Springs Railroad23.07.186775,00unsold
1257Long Distance Telephone & Telegraph Co.01.07.190580,0080,00
1258Loyalsock Telephone Co.01.01.190624,00unsold
1259Lykens Valley Coal Co.19.02.1838100,00unsold
1260Manufacturers and Merchants Bank of the City of New York23.10.187690,00unsold
1261Maryland Steamboat Co.12.12.1879120,00120,00
1262Masonic Temple Association11.12.190128,00unsold
1263Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad01.03.1860120,00140,00
1264Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad23.12.1868400,00unsold
1265Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad01,11,186275,0085,00
1266Missouri, Kansas & Texas Extension Railway01.06.188040,0048,00
1267Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway01.01.187048,0050,00
1268Mobile & Birmingham Railroad02.07.189565,0065,00
1269Monroe Railroad01.10.190475,0080,00
1270Montana Phonograph Co.01.01.188938,00unsold
1271Morris Canal & Banking Co.21.05.186050,00unsold
1272Mount Olive Coal Co.09.12.188920,00unsold
1273New Albany & Salem Railroad01.12.1855150,00160,00 v
1274New Cornelia Copper Co.26.01.192814,00unsold
1275New Cornelia Copper Co.01.02.192914,00unsold
1276New Jersey & Pennsylvania Railroad01.06.190760,00unsold
1277New Orleans & North Eastern Railroad24.09.187280,00unsold
1278New Orleans Terminal Co.15.01.192150,00unsold
1279New York, Boston & Montreal Railway01.04.1873240,00240,00
1280New York & Boston Railroad16.12.186490,0090,00
All prices are in Euro

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