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DWA Auction catalog 10  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1616Ferro-Carriles de Montana à Grandes Pendientes31.12.189118,00unsold
1617Higinio Blanco Baneres S.A.31.01.195126,00unsold
1618Hoteles y Playas del Mediterraneo S.A.23.03.192918,0022,00
1619De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited23.12.193048,00unsold
1620AG vormals Skodawerke in Pilsen16.12.194140,0040,00
1621Elbekosteletzer Zucker-Raffinerie AG26.08.194018,0019,00
1622Erste Schattauer Thonwarenfabriks-AG (vorm. C. Schlimp)01.01.192650,00unsold
1623Gewerbebank (Zivnostenská Banka)12.11.194118,0018,00
1624K.k. priv. Schokolade- und Zuckerwarenfabriks-AG in Lobositz15.12.191324,0024,00
1625Königshofer Cement-Fabrik AG16.01.192328,00unsold
1626Mährisch-Ostrauer Bierbrauerei- und Malzfabriks-AG vormals M. Strassmann06.06.189990,00110,00
1627Schokoladewerke Deli AG01.06.192018,0020,00
1628Anadolu Cimentolari Türk Anonim Sirketi30.01.192924,00unsold
1629Banque de Salonique S.A. Ottomane01.01.191034,00unsold
1630Charbonnages Réunis de Bender-Eregli S.A.19.10.192026,0026,00
1631Cie. du Chemin de Fer Ottoman Jonction Salonique-Constantinople S.A.23.03.189326,00unsold
1632Pera Palace Hotel de Constantinople S.A.10.07.192214,00unsold
1633Soc. Impériale Ottomane d’Eclairage par le Gaz et l’Électricité S.A.08.08.189144,00unsold
1634Société Immobilière Ottomane de Constantinople30.06.1914100,00200,00 v
1635Anglo-Hungarian Bank10.09.187570,00unsold
1636Fövárosi Tejüzem R.T. (Hauptstädtische Milch AG)01.05.193150,00unsold
1637Hungária Kunstdünger, Schwefelsäure und Chem. Industrie AG10.03.192760,00unsold
1638Internationale Petroleum-Industrie AG14.09.189530,0030,00
1639Oberungarische Zuckerindustrie AG15.05.191120,0020,00 n
1640S.A. de Tramways d'Éclairage & d'Entreprises Électriques en Hongrie31.01.189924,00unsold
1641Szentlörinc-Drava-Shore Railway Comp. Ltd.01.10.193650,00unsold
1642Oriental Republic of Uruguay01.02.1892190,00unsold
164313th & 15th Streets Passenger Railway24.02.193748,00unsold
1644Aberdeen-Huron & Southern Railway01.08.190875,0080,00
1645Addison Railroad01.11.188480,00unsold
1646Alabama Great Southern Railroad03.10.1895140,00140,00
1647Alabama & Vicksburg Railway30.01.1890110,00130,00
1648Alabama & Vicksburg Railway27.04.191670,0070,00
1649American Telephone & Telegraph22.10.192665,00unsold
1650Asheville & Northern Railway29.06.190675,0095,00
1651Ashland Coal & Iron Railway01.07.190280,00unsold
1652Aspen and Maroon Railway65,00unsold
1653Atlantic Coast Line Railroad09.06.1905100,00unsold
1654Augusta Bank01.10.1815140,00150,00
1655Auto Motive Tractor Corp. of America24.12.1919120,00unsold
1656Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Railway17.04.1918160,00unsold
1657Baltimore & Ohio Railroad01.01.190324,0026,00
1658Bank of Charleston23.12.187050,0050,00
1659Bank of State Center10.12.190940,00unsold
1660Bank of Virginia10.12.1836500,00unsold
1661Barnstable Bank30.01.182680,0090,00
1662Baton Rouge, Hammond & Eastern Railroad20.04.190190,00unsold
1663Beaver Dam Water Co.27.08.190730,00unsold
1664Bellaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati Railway29.11.190190,00110,00
1665Belleville, Centralia & Eastern Railroad (Indianapolis & Evansville Railway)01.01.1883180,00unsold
1666Belleville & Southern Illinois Railroad22.12.187050,0060,00
1667Birmingham, Ensley & Bessemer Railroad15.05.1912100,00140,00
1668Black Mountain Railway28.08.190690,0090,00
1669Bloomsburg & Sullivan Railroad24.06.1898100,00unsold
1670Boston Elevated Railway20.01.191930,00unsold
1671Bradshaw Mountain Railroad27.11.190190,00unsold
1672Bull Dog Motor Truck Co.01.08.191950,00unsold
1673Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway08.12.187920,0022,00
1674Burlington & Missouri River Railroad04.04.187050,00unsold
1675Burlington Northern Inc.01.01.19708,00unsold
1676Caesars World Inc.01.01.197934,00unsold
1677Canadian County Mill & Elevator Co.19.10.191140,00unsold
1678Canton, Aberdeen & Nashville Railroad01.12.188460,0070,00
1679Center Garage Co.01.09.1918260,00unsold
1680Central Railroad & Banking Co. of Georgia01.09.1865300,00unsold
1681Cherokee Gold Mining Co.15.02.1881100,00unsold
1682Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad28.05.188022,0024,00
1683Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad15.05.19418,0015,00
1684Chicago Elevated Terminal Railway17.12.189180,00unsold
1685Chicago, Fort Madison & Des Moines Railroad22.03.189965,00unsold
1686Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway24.01.1901270,00unsold
1687Chicago Motor Vehicle Co.10.03.190390,00unsold
1688Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad22.03.195710,0012,00
1689Chicago & Rock Island Railroad01.01.185360,00unsold
1690Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad13.02.192928,0044,00
1691Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburgh Railroad03.08.188316,0024,00
1692Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad21.02.189960,0065,00
1693Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf Railroad07.11.190114,0017,00
1694Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western Railroad16.02.191728,00unsold
1695Cincinnati Inter-Terminal Railroad22.08.190560,00unsold
1696Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway05.08.191240,00unsold
1697Citizens State Bank15.05.191330,00unsold
1698City Bank27.07.185885,00unsold
1699City of Philadelphia20.11.185430,0030,00
1700Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway09.05.189128,0032,00
All prices are in Euro

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