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DWA Auction catalog 43  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1041Lackawanna Iron Co.30.09.189350,00unsold
1042Law Association of Philadelphia18.04.187850,0050,00
1043Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co.19.05.1904400,00400,00
1044Malibu Grand Prix Corp.26.12.198460,00unsold
1045Manufacturers & Traders Bank17.12.190050,0055,00
1046Massachusetts and New Mexico Mining10.10.187935,00unsold
1047Mc.Keesport & Belle Vernon Railroad27.12.1888120,00unsold
1048Mercantile Library Co. of Philadelphia18.09.186850,00unsold
1049Meriden Malleable Iron Co.19.10.188250,00unsold
1050Middle States Coal and Iron Mines Co.10.09.190625,00unsold
1051Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway08.02.189320,0020,00
1052Mobile & Girard Railroad01.07.186650,00unsold
1053Monongahela Valley Traction Co.08.08.191750,0050,00
1054Moon-Anchor Gold Mining Co.04.01.189850,00unsold
1055Morris Canal & Banking Co. of 184422.05.186850,00unsold
1056Muscatine Western Railway Construction Co.25,0025,00
1057Mutual Rubber Production Co. No. 127.04.190450,00unsold
1058Narragansett Pier Railroad18.04.188240,00unsold
1059Nassau Electric Railroad06.06.189450,00unsold
1060National Automatic Cigar Co.08.01.189050,00unsold
1061New Orleans Great Northern Railway21.09.193325,0025,00
1062New Orleans, Mobile & Chattanooga Railroad01.07.1870100,00100,00 n
1063New York, Boston & Montreal Railway01.04.1873150,00unsold
1064New York & British Guiana Gold Mining Co.01.12.189450,00unsold
1065No-Wood River Oil Co.07.03.188950,00unsold
1066North Branch Water Company20.09.190120,00unsold
1067North Kansas City Improvement Co.29.12.189150,0050,00
1068North-Eastern Railroad17.05.1878100,00unsold
1069Old Dominion Gunner's and Angler's Association29.09.1884360,00380,00
1070Orion Silver Mining Co.05.03.188050,00unsold
1071Overbrook National Bank of Philadelphia25.10.192740,00unsold
1072Owensboro Water Works Co.01.07.188950,00unsold
1073Paterson & Ramapo Railroad20.07.191730,00unsold
1074Penn Placer Mining Co.06.04.188925,00unsold
1075Pennsylvania Wood Preserving Co.18.01.186950,0050,00
1076Poughkeepsie, Hartford & Boston Railroad01.09.1875100,00unsold
1077Queen Annes & Kent Railroad01.06.187650,00unsold
1078Record Press Corp.26.02.191435,00unsold
1079Richmond & Miami Railway05.10.188550,00unsold
1080Roberts-Brevoort Electric Co., Ltd.08.10.1888100,00unsold
1081Schiff C. L. Bayles12.06.185235,00unsold
1082Second National Bank of New Haven07.02.195850,00unsold
1083Security Oil Co.06.10.192025,00unsold
1084South Side Railroad06.07.185880,00unsold
1085Southern Oil Works02.12.187050,00unsold
1086Specie Basis Mining Co.18.06.186650,00unsold
1087St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association11.12.187550,00unsold
1088Standard Hydro-Carbon Machine Co.13.12.188450,0050,00
1089Standard Ice Co. of Pittsburgh05.07.191450,00unsold
1090Standard Telephone Co.31.01.193050,00unsold
1091State of New York Debt for the Payment of Bounties to Volunteers05.11.1866100,00unsold
1092Tabard Inn Corp.01.07.190450,0050,00
1093Thorpe Mining Co.30.07.189650,00unsold
1094Thos. A. Hendricks Petroleum and Mineral Co.29.10.188975,00unsold
1095Tioga National Bank and Trust Co. of Philadelphia20.09.192925,00unsold
1096Toledo, St. Louis & Western Railroad01.07.190040,00unsold
1097Uncas National Bank of Norwich15.04.190765,00unsold
1098Union Bank03.06.187085,00unsold
1099Union Canal Co. of Pennsylvania01.11.185350,0050,00
1100Union Petroleum Co.21.04.186550,0055,00
1101Union Street Railroad01.10.189065,00unsold
1102United States Lines22.01.194060,00unsold
1103United States Mine Signal Manufacturing & Supply Co.02.03.189150,00unsold
1104Utah (Coal) Railway31.03.191550,00unsold
1105Verde Combination Copper Co.29.10.191950,00unsold
1106Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railroad35,00unsold
1107Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railroad09.06.1881100,00unsold
1108Volcanic Oil and Coal Co.15.02.187850,00unsold
1109Washington Fire Co. Stock Association01.01.186940,00unsold
1110Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad03.02.195025,0025,00
1111West End Street Railway20.07.190150,00unsold
1112West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway01.07.188165,00unsold
1113Wichita Falls & Northwestern Railway01.07.190765,00unsold
1114Wichita Falls & Southern Railway01.01.190850,00unsold
1115Wildwood Water Company30.10.191220,00unsold
1116Woodstock & Blocton Railway22.09.192150,00unsold
1117Anglo Californian Bank Ltd.22.01.190950,00unsold
1118Athens National Bank08.03.191825,00unsold
1119Atlanta National Bank22.01.187550,0050,00
1120Bank of America17.05.188430,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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