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DWA Auction catalog 21  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1361Sorsova Konfektionskaufhaus AG01.01.193918,00unsold
1362“Sublima” AG für Holzimprägnierung01.07.194318,00unsold
1363Vereinigte Carborundum- und Elektritwerke AG30.04.194214,00unsold
1364Banque de Salonique S.A. Turque (Selanik Bankasi)08.04.193434,0038,00
1365Najaf-Kufa Railway01.01.1905100,00unsold
1366S.A. Ottomane des Mines de Balia-Karaidin01.09.190418,0018,00
1367Soc. Commerciale des Retraités Militaires S.A.01.01.191350,00unsold
1368Soc. Impériale Ottomane d’Eclairage par le Gaz et l’Électricité S.A.08.08.189134,00unsold
1369Cie. des Ports de Tunis, Sousse & Sfax (Tunisie) S.A.01.01.189650,0050,00
1370Cie. Tunisienne des Phosphates du Djebel-Mdilla S.A.01.01.192018,00unsold
1371Bodenkreditbank AG30.04.192628,00unsold
1372S.A. de Tramways d'Éclairage & d'Entreprises Électriques en Hongrie31.01.189924,0024,00
1373Ungarische Städte-Bank AG01.08.192326,00unsold
137410th. & 11th. Streets Citizens Passenger Railway10.01.185950,0050,00
1375Albany Railway10.03.187350,0050,00
1376Alden Type Setting & Distributing Machine Co.01.02.186780,00unsold
1377Aldine Trust Co.01.01.192920,00unsold
1378American Airports Corp.16.09.192975,00unsold
1379American Export Lines Inc.01.01.1936180,00unsold
1380American-Hawaiian Steam Ship Co.10.07.190775,00unsold
1381Anniston Compress and Warehouse Co.14.01.1904120,00120,00
1382Anon Oil Co. of Delaware20.01.193018,00unsold
1383Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad09.09.187190,00110,00
1384Aviation Corp.16.07.194528,00unsold
1385Baxter Electric Light Co.17.09.188475,00unsold
1386Bloomsburg Silk Mill14,0014,00
1387Boston & Providence Railroad20.07.183975,0080,00
1388Broadway Surface Railroad01.07.188450,00unsold
1389Brown Corliss Engine Co.30.12.190175,00unsold
1390Burlington Electric Railway01.03.189148,0048,00
1391California Street Cable Railroad21.11.188560,0080,00
1392Camden & Philadelphia Steam Boat Ferry Co.02.04.188870,00unsold
1393Catskill and Albany Steam Boat Co.01.01.186380,00unsold
1394Central Virginia Iron Co.02.10.188338,00unsold
1395Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad18.10.189920,00unsold
1396Chicago & Northwestern Railway07.07.193375,0075,00
1397Chicago, Saginaw & Canada Railroad21.05.1873100,00100,00
1398Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad13.02.192928,00unsold
1399Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburgh Railroad03.08.188316,00unsold
1400Cleveland Co-Operative Stove Co.17.09.191860,00unsold
1401Coal River Railway01.06.190524,0028,00
1402Connecticut Mining Co.06.05.1864120,00120,00
1403Continental Air Lines, Inc.01.01.199050,0055,00
1404Cuban Land and Steamship Co.18.11.1901200,00unsold
1405Cumberland Railroad30.04.191975,0085,00
1406Cuyuna Dock Co.01.01.191020,00unsold
1407Cuyuna Northern Railway01.01.191020,00unsold
1408Delaware Railroad22.03.188140,0048,00
1409Diamond State Steel Co.29.01.190240,00unsold
1410Eastern Texas Electric Co.29.08.192414,00unsold
1411Electric Dice Game Co.01.02.189380,00unsold
1412Electric Signagraph and Semaphore Co.02.10.1906100,00unsold
1413Exposition Cotton Mills13.02.188380,00unsold
1414Fort Wayne Rink Association01.01.187360,0060,00
1415Galena & Wisconsin Railroad23.09.187950,00unsold
1416Geo. E. Keith Co.11.11.192130,00unsold
1417Georgia Midland Terminal Co.24.12.192350,0050,00
1418Georgia Railroad & Banking Co.24.04.1849140,00160,00
1419Globe Telephone Co.23.05.1888170,00unsold
1420Grand Central Mining Co.23.04.190916,00unsold
1421Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad25.05.188275,00unsold
1422Green & Coates Street Philadelphia Passenger Railway Co.08.08.193244,00unsold
1423Gulf, Florida & Alabama Railway20.02.191460,0060,00
1424Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad08.04.1892100,00unsold
1425Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy & Lancaster Railroad11.02.1873140,00140,00 v
1426Hawaiian Airlines09.11.199938,00unsold
1427Hawker Pacific Aerospace12.11.199955,00unsold
1428Hoover Scientific Development21.01.193060,00unsold
1429Huntsville, New Orleans & Western Texas Railway01.07.1882160,00180,00
1430Illinois Central Railroad16.08.185224,00unsold
1431Illinois Southern Railroad01.02.1859300,00unsold
1432Lake Erie, Evansville & South Western Railway01.04.1872140,00140,00
1433Lake George Steam Boat Co.01.01.1855150,00unsold
1434Lehigh Valley Railroad29.11.194818,00unsold
1435Long Beach Bath House and Amusement Co.28.07.193420,0020,00
1436Long Dock Co.01.05.1875120,00unsold
1437Louisiana Electric Light Co.01.12.189260,0060,00
1438Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Rail Road01.07.1838220,00unsold
1439Louisville Southern Railroad03.06.189150,0055,00
All prices are in Euro

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Harlem Extension Rail Road
Harlem Extension Rail Road
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