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DWA Auction catalog 14  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1441Geo. E. Keith Co.11.11.192130,00unsold
1442Hackettstown National Bank20.03.188960,00unsold
1443Hannibal Coca-Cola Bottling Works08.08.193850,00unsold
1444Hanover & York Railroad07.07.188950,0060,00
1445Harlem Independent Hygeia Ice Co.01.10.189990,00unsold
1446Harrisburg Traction Co.29.04.191648,0048,00
1447Harrison Branch Co.20.10.186460,00unsold
1448Henshaw Motor Co.03.02.1921100,00100,00 n
1449Hollywood Casino Corp.12.08.199828,0028,00
1450Homan Oil Co.18.03.1865120,00unsold
1451Homestake Mining Co.29.06.194814,00unsold
1452Hudson & Manhattan Railroad22.10.192438,0038,00
1453Hudson & Manhattan Railroad10.04.193034,0034,00
1454Illinois Central Rail Road16.04.191030,00unsold
1455Industrial Exhibition Co. of New York20.06.187460,00unsold
1456International Business Machines Corp.08.01.198520,0026,00
1457Isabella Gold Mining Co.11.12.189934,00unsold
1458Jackson Motors Corp.12.11.191975,0075,00 n
1459Kaiser-Frazer Corp.07.02.194616,00unsold
1460Kanawha & West Virginia Railroad14.07.191460,00unsold
1461Kentucky and South Atlantic Railway Co.01.06.188250,00unsold
1462King Edward Silver Mines20.03.190860,00unsold
1463Knox & Lincoln Railroad25.11.1878120,00unsold
1464Konvolut USA - Verschiedene Branchen, bekannte Unternehmen (39 Stücke)50,0050,00
1465Lake Ontario Shore Railroad (Village of Hannibal)01.04.1871100,00unsold
1466Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway01.06.189720,0022,00
1467Lake Torpedo Boat Co.02.12.191680,00unsold
1468Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.20.05.195410,0010,00
1469Long Island Live Stock Fair Association11.01.189080,00unsold
1470Louisville & Northern Railway & Lighting Co. (OU Samuel Insull)14.06.1912150,00unsold
1471Louisville & Wadley Railroad04.01.1904150,00unsold
1472Lucent Technologies Inc.02.04.200140,0042,00
1473Luna Park Co.20.12.190580,00unsold
1474Macon & Brunswick Railroad12.07.188060,00unsold
1475Manati Sugar Co.05.12.19568,0011,00
1476Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America11.09.191340,00unsold
1477Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad16.03.186390,00110,00
1478Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Railway11.10.1905150,00unsold
1479Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Railway19.05.191280,00unsold
1480Massachusetts and New Mexico Mining10.10.1879100,00unsold
1481Massachusetts Motor Car Co. (ehemals Henshaw Motor Co.)24.03.1938100,00unsold
1482Mc. Clintockville Petroleum Co.09.09.186660,00unsold
1483Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad01.03.1860100,00unsold
1484Mercantile Petroleum Co.28.12.1864150,00unsold
1485Merchants National Bank06.04.188720,0022,00
1486Mergenthaler Linotype Co.04.02.189660,00unsold
1487Meriden Britannia Co.14.11.189880,00unsold
1488Mill Creek Railroad01.01.190534,0038,00
1489Millersburg Railroad20.01.190340,0040,00
1490Mississippi Central Railroad15.12.187390,00unsold
1491Mississippi & Missouri Railroad29.03.186385,00unsold
1492Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway01.01.187048,0055,00
1493Missouri Pacific Railroad03.09.193736,00unsold
1494Mobile & Birmingham Railroad20.12.189940,0048,00
1495Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad10.07.190375,00unsold
1496Mobile & Ohio Railroad02.03.188060,00unsold
1497Mobile-Beaumont Oil Co.12.11.190160,00unsold
1498Montrose Mining Co.02.04.188750,00unsold
1499Moore Motor Vehicle Co.31.08.191780,0080,00 n
1500Moosehead Lake Yacht Club18.05.190924,0024,00
1501Morris Canal & Banking Co.21.05.186060,00unsold
1502Morris Canal & Banking Co. of 184422.05.1868100,00unsold
1503Mutual Telephone Co.21.04.1909120,00unsold
1504New Cornelia Copper Co.26.01.192820,0020,00
1505New England Steamship Co.01.01.1912120,00unsold
1506New Jersey State Rifle Association01.10.189860,00unsold
1507New Orleans Great Northern Railroad29.12.192750,0050,00
1508New River, Holston & Western Railroad23.05.1903150,00170,00
1509New York Central Railroad01.08.185360,00unsold
1510New York Central Railroad01.10.192118,0022,00
1511New York & Greenwood Lake Railway10.06.1879120,00unsold
1512New York & New England Railroad01.08.188260,00unsold
1513Niagara Mining and Smelting Co.18.09.189050,0050,00
1514North Alabama Development Co., Ltd.06.05.189134,00unsold
1515North & West Branch Railway19.02.189460,0065,00
1516Northern Pacific Railroad09.06.189120,0026,00
1517Northern Pacific Railway10.07.196924,00unsold
1518Ohio Cruide Petroleum Co.16.03.190360,00unsold
1519Oil Creek Railroad01.03.186580,0085,00
1520Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co.01.12.189680,00110,00
All prices are in Euro

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Notre Dame des Victoires (Transvaal) Gold Mining Co.
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