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DWA Auction catalog 14  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1121Soc. Maurice Haber & Cie., Exploitation de Mines de Charbon de Terre, Fers, Schistes et autres28.07.1829440,00unsold
1122Soc. pour la Fabrication des Instruments de Musique Pneumatiques01.05.192150,00unsold
1123The Aeolian Company S.A.01.07.192444,0044,00
1124Usines d'Automobiles G. Brouhot S.A.09.06.190650,0050,00 n
1125Walfanggesellschaft KGaA (Cie. Baleinière Soc. en Com. et par actions)09.03.1854240,00unsold
1126S.A. des Tanneries “Pappadam” (a Syra)15.10.192748,0048,00 n
1127Anglo-European Steamship Co.11.02.192030,0030,00
1128Anglo-European Steamship Co.22.09.192030,0030,00
1129Annittina Shipping Co.29.09.191650,00unsold
1130Associated Fisheries Ltd.01.08.194938,00unsold
1131Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas)15.04.194790,0090,00
1132Bathampton Steam Navigation Co.21.03.191638,0040,00
1133Charles Lafitte and Company Ltd.15.01.186610,0010,00
1134Cunard Steam-Ship Co. Ltd.24.01.192390,0090,00
1135Daniell & Sons’ Breweries Ltd.30.04.188750,00unsold
1136Daniell & Sons’ Breweries Ltd.30.04.188755,00unsold
1137Englischer Staat - Three Pounds Ten Shillings per Cent Reduced Annuities16.02.184250,00unsold
1138European & American Steam Shipping Co.30.05.185738,00unsold
1139Grand Lodge of Scotland16.06.1908120,00unsold
1140House & Land Investment Trust Ltd.16.06.187590,0090,00
1141Nixon's Navigation Co.22.12.190860,00unsold
1142North Walsham & Dilham Canal Navigation24.12.1824220,00unsold
1143Oriental Bank Corp.07.02.1854100,00unsold
1144Paris Gigantic Wheel and Varieties Company, Ltd.21.10.189860,0060,00
1145Pennant Shipping Co.20.05.192060,00unsold
1146Royal Mail Steam Packet Company15.06.192534,0036,00
1147Sanderson, Matthew Shipping Co.01.01.192548,0055,00
1148Stourbridge & Kidderminster Banking Co.12.11.183560,00unsold
1149Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co.13.04.191865,00unsold
1150Western Counties Shipping Co.10.05.192040,0044,00
1151Westminster Bank Ltd.01.01.196020,00unsold
1152Wey & Arun Junction Canal Co.17.01.1834340,00unsold
1153White Star Line Ltd.01.04.1935120,00120,00
1154Honduras Government Railway Loan20.06.1870100,00unsold
1155Bank of Bengal11.11.190820,0020,00
1156Indian Iron and Steel Co.14.04.193720,0022,00
1157Republic of Ireland (Second External Loan)15.11.1921300,00unsold
1158Hlutafjelagid Eimskipafjelag Islands01.07.1914140,00160,00
1159Cantiere Navale Triestino01.12.192350,0050,00
1160Cie. Italo-Belge des Tramways Electriques de Vérone01.01.190524,00unsold
1161Governo Pontificio18.07.185480,00100,00
1162La Luisiana S.A. Cooperativa di Assicurazioni Generali a Capitale Illimitato25.09.190775,00unsold
1163Navigazione Alta Italia S.A.01.07.1917100,00100,00
1164S.A. Conserve Alimentari e Lavorazione Latta01.07.190575,00unsold
1165C. Itoh & Co. (Itochu Shoji KK)26.03.196460,00unsold
1166Kaiserlich Japanische Regierung01.01.1906180,00unsold
1167Jugoslavische Bank AG vormals Kroatische Landesbank01.07.192140,00unsold
1168Pionier AG für Bauunternehmungen01.06.192250,00unsold
1169Piroter Handels-Gewerbebank01.10.193030,0030,00
1170Pruga, Kroatische AG für landwirtschaftliche und Industriebahnen01.09.191850,0060,00
1171Serbische Bank01.01.192044,0048,00
1172State Mortgage Bank of Jugoslavia01.04.192775,00unsold
1173“Zastava” AG für die Herausgabe von serbischen Büchern und Zeitungen (“Zastava” D.D. za izdavanije srpskich knjiga i novina)11.01.192075,00unsold
1174S.A. d’Exploitation de Phu-Quoc01.01.192730,0030,00
1175Canada 3000 Inc.04.10.200190,00unsold
1176Canadian National Railway15.11.197610,0012,00
1177Canadian Pacific Railway11.07.1906150,00unsold
1178I.O.S. Ltd. (Investors Overseas Services)01.01.197028,00unsold
1179Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of Canada01.01.1925120,00unsold
1180Massey-Ferguson Ltd.25.06.19798,009,00
1181Mexican Northern Power Co.08.11.191110,0010,00
1182New Brunswick and Canada Railway and Land Company Ltd.15.02.185760,0060,00
1183New Brunswick and Canada Railway and Land Company Ltd.15.02.1857180,00unsold
1184City of Vienna01.11.1927140,00190,00
1185Csakathurn-Agramer Eisenbahn AG14.05.188575,00unsold
1187Hofherr-Schrantz, Ungarische Maschinenfabriks-Werke AG01.06.190846,00unsold
1188K.k. Österreich (3. Kriegsanleihe)01.10.191512,0014,00
1189K.k. priv. Böhmische Nordbahn-Gesellschaft31.08.188230,0032,00
1190K.k. priv. Prag-Duxer Eisenbahn01.01.188310,0011,00
1191k.k.priv. Versicherungs-Gesellschaft Oesterreichischer Phönix31.12.189880,00unsold
1192Kön. ung. privilegierte Klassenlotterie AG01.05.189740,00unsold
1193Kronprinz Rudolf-Bahn (Salzkammergut-Bahn)09.05.189348,00unsold
1194Localbahn Schwarzenau-Zwettl28.12.190020,0022,00
1195Lokalbahn Fürstenfeld-Hartberg (-Neudau)01.05.190220,0020,00
1196Lokalbahn Gmunden-Vorchdorf26.07.191260,00unsold
1197Lokalbahn Kolin-Cercany-Kacov (Mistni dráha Kolin-Cercany-Kácov)01.12.190740,0040,00
1198Miröschau-Libuschin-Schwadowitzer Steinkohlenbergbau-AG01.05.189730,00unsold
1199Mocsolád-Tab-Siófoker Localeisenbahn AG01.10.190644,00unsold
1200Österreich (4. Kriegsanleihe)16.04.191610,0011,00
All prices are in Euro

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