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DWA Auction catalog 34  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1122Berner-Oberland-Bahnen AG15.04.194530,0036,00 v
1123Fuchs Petrolub AG/SA30.10.199120,0020,00
1124Genossenschaft Nordisches Skizentrum25.03.197930,00unsold
1125Soc. Coopérative de Consommation01.09.193730,00unsold
1126THOSTI International AG23.08.198230,00unsold
1127Banco de Cartagena Compania Anonima01.01.190040,0040,00
1128Barcelona Traction, Light & Power Co. Ltd.01.01.192020,0026,00
1129Cia. de los Ferro-Carriles de Puerto-Rico (Cie. des C.d.F. de Porto-Rico)01.10.189560,0070,00
1130Cie. Gen. de Tabacos de Filipinas S.A.06.05.198220,0020,00
1131Compania Madrilena de Almacenes Generales de Deposito y Transportes S.A.20.11.190650,00unsold
1132Coto del Palacio Donana (Zoo Cadiz)01.03.199024,00unsold
1133Deportes de Cataluna S.A.25.09.194140,00unsold
1134Deportes de Cataluna S.A.26.06.194340,0040,00
1135Hoteles y Playas del Mediterraneo S.A.23.03.192918,0018,00
1136La Espana Industrial S.A. fabril y mercantil04.11.185120,0034,00
1137S.A. Hidroeléctrica Ibérica30.06.192455,0055,00
1138Consolidated Diamond Mines of South-West Africa Ltd.20.03.196220,00unsold
1139Langlaagte Estate & Gold Mining Company Ltd.09.03.192970,00unsold
1140Tramways et Électricité de Damas S.A.30.11.192828,0030,00
1141AG vormals Skodawerke in Pilsen (3 Stück)16.12.1941120,00130,00
1142Aktien-Schlossbrauerei in Kolin (Akciové spolecnosti zámecký pivovar v Koline)19.04.192140,0040,00
1143k.k.priv. Dux-Bodenbacher Eisenbahn16.10.189330,0034,00
1144k.k.priv. Oesterreichische Nordwestbahn01.05.190360,0075,00
1145k.k.priv. Erzherzog Albrecht-Bahn01.11.189030,0034,00
1146Bodenkreditbank AG30.04.192620,00unsold
1147British and Hungarian Bank Ltd.29.01.192748,00unsold
1148Hungarian Consolidated Municipal Loan01.07.192550,00unsold
1149Agricultural Branch Railroad08.03.186550,0050,00
1150American Petrofina, Inc.30.03.196575,00unsold
1151American Telephone & Telegraph22.10.192640,00unsold
1152Arkansas Southwestern Railway02.01.190955,00unsold
1153Atlanta & West Point Railroad02.07.190765,0065,00
1154Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad09.09.187190,0095,00
1155Atlantic & Pacific Railroad01.01.188750,00unsold
1156Augusta & Summerville Rail Road20.04.186890,00unsold
1157Avon Products, Inc.31.07.197050,00unsold
1158Bachman Valley Railroad06.05.1872150,00unsold
1159Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railway29.09.189426,0026,00
1160Bank of America18.10.186750,0065,00
1161Bank of Kentucky16.12.184750,00unsold
1162Bridge over the river Susquehanna at or near Harrisburg26.08.1812240,00unsold
1163Chattanooga, Rome & Southern Railroad24.11.190070,0070,00
1164Chesapeake & Ohio Northern Railway18.09.1916100,00unsold
1165Chester Street Railway21.02.190860,0060,00 n
1166Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad19.11.189230,00unsold
1167Chicago & Northwestern Railway07.07.1933100,00unsold
1168Chicago, Rock Island & El Paso Railway20.03.190650,00unsold
1169Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway20.10.189730,00unsold
1170Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway31.10.191840,00unsold
1171Chicago & South Side Rapid Transit Railroad22.03.1895100,00100,00
1172Chicago-Florida Phosphate Co.01.09.1893120,00unsold
1173Cincinnati, Portsmouth & Virginia Railroad27.11.189165,0070,00
1174City and County of San Francisco01.10.1863150,00unsold
1175Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway08.01.186938,00unsold
1176Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway11.11.188440,00unsold
1177Cleveland & Toledo Railroad02.04.186234,0034,00
1178Colorado Central Railroad14.01.1873300,00unsold
1179Coney Island & Brooklyn Railroad03.10.1922120,00130,00
1180Coney Island & Gravesend Railway28.06.1907200,00200,00
1181Confederate States of America, Cr. 006 (R6) - Ball 3 (R4-)10.05.186130,00unsold
1182Confederate States of America, Cr. 029 (R5) - Ball 54 (R3+)05.05.186230,00unsold
1183Consolidated Steamship Lines06.07.190750,00unsold
1184Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.01.01.189180,00unsold
1185Delaware Railroad22.03.188140,00unsold
1186Denver & Rio Grande Spoorweg-Maatschappij21.01.188765,00unsold
1187Enterprise Telephone Co.25.07.190255,00unsold
1188Erie Railroad01.07.189680,0090,00 v
1189Fair Hill Railroad11.06.1892150,00unsold
1190First National Bank of Media02.01.186540,00unsold
1191First National Bank of Springfield09.08.1894120,00unsold
1192Flint & Pere Marquette Railway01.01.187950,00unsold
1193Florida East Coast Railway04.11.198120,0026,00
1194Florida Gaming Corp.17.08.199830,00unsold
1195Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw Railroad26.09.1870150,00150,00
1196Fort Worth & Denver City Railway01.03.1889400,00unsold
1197Georgia Northern Railway02.12.190340,0040,00
1198Georgia Pacific Railway06.05.1882150,00unsold
1199Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad22.07.1862220,00unsold
1200Granville Gold Co.20.11.187950,0050,00 n
All prices are in Euro

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