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June 30, 2022

39th DWA LIVE auction // Only 1 week left to auction day!

Dear Collector! Soon it's that time again: Next Thursday, 7/7/2022 our 39th online auction will take place. Start at 12 o'clock. Have you already had the opportunity to view the catalog? If not, take advantage of the weekend and the few days until the auction. Please visit our website This will take you directly to the online catalog.

The 4 collections AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS, MOTORWHEELS, MOTORSPORT WORLDWIDE / BANKS WORLDWIDE / FRANKFURT AM MAIN and MISCELLANEOUS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD deserve special attention. Many of these remaining items from previous offers have already been pre-bid. Nevertheless, there are best chances for a favorable increase of your collection or even for the start of a new collection. But also in the "normal section" you will find great bonds & shares from these categories. A closer look is definitely worthwhile here.

For a quick view we list the table of contents (in brackets "from lot..."):
Algeria (lot 1), Argentina (2), Belgium (4), China (9), Germany before 1948 (11), Germany after 1948 (218).
Collections (starting price 10 Euro each):
Automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor sports worldwide (309) Banks worldwide (414) Frankfurt on the Main (543) Miscellaneous from all over the world (602) Estonia (1148), France (1149), Greece (1161), Great Britain (1162), Austro-Hungarian Empire (1169), Lebanon (1187), Austria (1188), Russia (1201), Sweden (1202), Switzerland (1205), Spain (1210), Czechoslovakia (1212), Turkey (1217), USA (1218), books, miscellaneous (1310).

As always, bids can be submitted traditionally by mail, by e-mail or via the bidding function on our website. But of course it can also be really exciting with the live bidding function directly during the auction. You can find out how this works here:

You can place your absentee bids as usual or you can watch the auction live from your home PC. Of course you are also welcome to bid LIVE, which is always exciting. The procedure (registration and sign in) is explained on our website .

Good luck for your bids.

Best regards
Michael Roesler



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AG der Woll-Manufactur von F.-Wilhelm Schweikert
AG der Woll-Manufactur von F.-Wilhelm Schweikert
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