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August 25, 2021

DWA Special Auction // Only 3 days left to auction day!

Dear Collector! Have you already had the opportunity for a look in the catalogue? There are only 3 days left to our Special Auction on Saturday (28th August 2021). We start at 12:30 a.m. (CEST). You will find the auction lots on our DWA website .

In addition, a small note: The prices listed in the column "Starting price" are actually ESTIMATED PRICES. Regardless of the estimated price, the starting price for all lots in this auction is 10 Euro only! In addition to the usual possibilities of absentee bidding, you also have the opportunity to bid LIVE via the Internet. How this works is described here:

You can place your absentee bids as usual or you can watch the auction live from your home PC. Of course you are also welcome to bid LIVE, which is always exciting. The procedure (registration and sign in) is explained on our website .

Good luck for your bids.

Best regards
Michael Roesler



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Owensboro & Nashville Railway
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