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June 4, 2021

35th DWA Live-Auction is online right now. WITH SPECIAL SECTION: starting price 10 Euro ONLY !

Dear Collector! Recently we received two collections for our auctions which have one thing in common: One would probably describe them as "a little unstructured". This is absolutely nothing negative, because every collector buys what he likes on a whim. The only one who gets into trouble with such a compilation afterwards is the auctioneer: With a thematically clearly structured collection his work is simply easier. But let's not talk about problems, let's talk about solutions. After we were also given the requirement that there should be no return lots, it was clear that we would have to come up with something special.

The result will certainly please you as a bidder: In the end, we agreed with the consignors that the collections would receive an extra section in the catalog, in which all lots would be offered at a flat rate of 10 EUR. There it is worthwhile to look closely and discover the many hidden treasures. For example, among the textile securities offered below, there are a good dozen pieces that are inconspicuous at first glance, but which were completely unknown until then and of which there were less than 10 copies in the Reichsbank-Treasury. Even those are priced at only 10 EUR.

But it goes even further! Not only the two just mentioned collections are to be liquidated in this way. Also the remaining pieces of an Austria-Shilling-Collection join. Exciting titles are included.

The "top act" also includes great automobile stocks from the legendary automobile collection, as well as papers from China of the former VW CFO Dr. Werner P. Schmidt, who passed away last year. Also these titles, remaindered items from the 119th FHW auction, we now offer at the exclamation of only 10 EUR each.

To be honest, we ourselves have no precise idea of how this experiment might turn out. So we are more than curious about the results. Only one thing is already clear: This part will certainly be even more lively than the rest of the online auction. Have fun bidding!

Date: 1st July 2021
1,326 lots
65,750 Euro total starting price

Just have a look on our website right now:

Table of Content,in brackets (from lot no. ...): Argentina (1), Belgium (3), China (5), Cuba (8), Germany before 1948 (9),

Collection TEXTILE and others: Germany with starting price 10 EUR only (337)
Collection TEXTILE and other: foreign countries with starting price 10 EUR only (545)
Collection AUSTRIA: shilling shares with starting price 10 EUR only (695)
AUTOMOBILES: restants from Dr. Schmidt collection with starting price 10 EUR only (730)
CHINA: restants from Dr. Schmidt collection with starting price 10 EUR only (820)

Germany after 1948 (830), France (1019), Greece (1029), Great Britain (1031), Italy (1039), Yugoslavia (1048), Canada (1052), Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy (1055), Congo (1070), Latvia (1071), Netherlands (1072), Norway (1074), Austria (1075), Peru (1090), Russia (1091), Sweden (1106), Switzerland (1110), Spain (1113), South Africa (1115), Czechoslovakia (1117), Turkey (1123), Tunisia (1125), Hungary (1126), USA (1129), Varia (1308)

You are welcome to place your absentee bid via e-mail respectively via our online absentee portal. Or, which is still more exciting: Bid LIVE on the auction day. On our website you will find all explanations for LIVE bidding:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
Michael Roesler - phone +49-(0)5331-9755-21

Best regards,
Michael Roesler

Deutsche Wertpapierauktionen GmbH
Salzbergstr. 2
38302 Wolfenbuettel



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