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November 11, 2015

NEW - "EXTRA-Auction" for collectable stocks and bonds on December 5, 2015 - Starting prices only 50% of their original opening bids!

Dear Collectors: Please note the date for our NEW "EXTRA-LIVE-Auction" for collectable stocks and bonds in your diary – December 5, 2015. Beginn 10:00 a.m. (CET). 1,219 fantastic lots are waiting for you. Only items from collections, starting prices approximately 50% of their original opening bids...

Over the past few decades, we have successfully marketed innumerable large and small collections for our consignors through our Freunde Historische Wertpapiere and Hanseatischen Sammlerkontor auction houses. Most of these collections were sold in their entirety. However, individual unsold pieces from a number of consignors - „leftovers“ which were offered in earlier FHW or HSK auctions but unfortunately did not find buyers - remain on the waiting list.

As a long-established auction house, we view it as our duty to find the best price for our consignors‘ entire collections. As a result, we’ve developed this „EXTRA-Auction“, whereby consignors have agreed to put these pieces up for sale once again. What’s more, these lots will be offered at approximately 50% of their original opening bids. Of course, this sale would not be possible without the support, trust and, in some cases, years of patience on the part of our consignors, to whom we offer our sincerest thanks.

As a bidder, you will of course benefit from the chance to acquire many rare and desirable pieces at great prices. Take advantage of this opportunity - we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

In the new "EXTRA-Auction" we offer items from 9 old collections:
1) Collection "Baden-Württemberg" (lot 1 through lot 187)
2) Collection "Banks worldwide" (lot 188 through lot 358)
3) Collection "Breweries worldwide" (lot 359 through lot 519)
4) Collection "German Mark" (lot 520 through lot 746)
5) Collection "Railroads USA" (lot 747 through lot 846)
6) Collection "Mills" (lot 847 through lot 895)
7) Collection "Siegerland + coal and steel industry" (lot 896 through lot 948)
8) Collection "Insurences worldwide" (lot 949 through lot 1101)
9) Collection "Sugar factories worldwide" (lot 1102 through lot 1219)

Another special feature of this „EXTRA-Auction“ is the ability to bid LIVE over the Internet (via Invaluable). It’s easy: one click and you’re in on the bidding just as if you were in the auction room, and you’ll know immediately whether or not you’ve won the lot. There’s no extra cost for live bidding. When winning bids are placed live over the Internet, we will assume the additional Invaluable fee of 3% plus VAT.

You are welcome to place your absentee bid via e-mail respectively via our online absentee portal. Or, which is still more exciting: Bid LIVE on the auction day. It is easy to handle - just one click and your bid is noted immediately on the auction floor. This way you have the advantage for an active influence on the bidding procedure. On our website you will find all explanations for LIVE bidding.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy hunting in the catalogue. The bargain-basement is open for business!

Best regards,
Michael Weingarten



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