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November 13, 2014
11th special auction „Der Reichsbankschatz“ and „Banks of two centuries“ – online right now!

Dear collectors! To complete our exclusive series of special auctions “Der Reichsbankschatz” (The treasure of the Reichsbank) we proudly present a great offer of an unbelievable diversity of stocks and bonds. The offer contains a perfect choice of rarities, in a few cases the very last available item. More than a half of them were unknown before in the market. The catalogue contains 2,000 single lots, which means one quarter of all bonds and shares which were auctioned in the 4th and 5th BAROV auctions in Berlin a few years ago.


November 7, 2014
8th DWA LIVE Auction – results are online now

Dear Collectors! Yesterday evening we had our 8th DWA LIVE auction. The single results you can already see on our website Total results: Starting price total: 70.290 EUR Hammer price total: 26.515 EUR (37,7 %) Lots total: 936 Sold lots total: 451 (48,2 %) "v" behind the result means that the lot is drawn. The aftersales ends on December 4, 2014. Till then you are welcome to buy not sold lots for the starting price for your collection. Sincere thanks are given to all bidders for participation. Best regards Michael Roesler


November 5, 2014
8th DWA LIVE auction // Only 1 day left till auction day!

Dear Collector! Please note the next auction in your calendar. There is only 1 day left to our 8th DWA LIVE auction on Thursday (November 6, 2014). We start on 5 p.m. CET punctually. The offer covers 936 lots from stocks and bonds all over the world. Please have a look on our website . You can place your absentee bids as usual or you can watch the auction live from your home PC. Of course you are also welcome to bid LIVE. The procedure (registration and sign in) is explained on our website. Good luck for your bids. Best regards Michael Roesler



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